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3 Signs You're Approaching Union With Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame Union is for all of those who sincerely desire to be with their One True Love. The way that God created you is to live a shared life with your Ultimate Lover. Though many may find themselves in a state of separation, there's no need to accept this as your truth. As you focus on your inner work and on loving yourself unconditionally, you will naturally feel yourself coming into Union with the Divine from within which will lead you to physical Union with your Twin Flame.

The process is very simple and is taught in Twin Flame Ascension School by my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia. Today, I'd like share with you 3 signs that you are approaching Union with your Twin Flame.

1) You are surrendered and at peace with yourself

As you approach Union, you will feel yourself more and more surrendered and at peace with who you are, how things unfold on your journey, when they happen and who they happen with. All that matters to you, is being in alignment with Love and Union within. You notice yourself being more at peace with the person that you are, knowing that no matter what the outcome, you will be okay because you are Divine and completely loved in each moment. If at some point on your journey you were holding on to attachments about who your Twin Flame is, what they're doing, how your Union will come together, all of these attachments will naturally dissolve as you approach your Union. You trust and have complete Faith that everything is always working out for you.

2) You are solely focused on loving yourself

Maybe when you were just started on your Twin Flame journey, you were very focused on your Twin Flame person. All you could think of, day and night, was them, how beautiful they are, how they seem to make everything better or when you will meet next. However as you come closer to Union, you won't find yourself thinking about your Twin Flame as much, but more so you will be focused on yourself and how you can love and romance yourself best in each moment. This doesn't mean you won't think a bout your Twin Flame at all, it just means that your main focus is on yourself and you know that in doing this, you will naturally attract your Twin Flame to you because you fully trust that loving yourself is all you need to do to magnetize them into your life. 'What are the things I love to do? What makes my heart happy? What makes me feel completely loved and romanced?' These are the types of things you will be focused on. You know that self-love is magnetic to your Twin Flame Union.

3) You feel a sense of wholeness within yourself

You know you're coming close to Union when you start to feel completely whole within yourself. Wholeness is the way you were created by God, and as you feel into your heart, you know that you have everything you could ever need and more within you. That nothing outside of you could ever truly satisfy you. Not even you're Twin Flame. You aren't seeking for love or attention from them anymore because you know that only God is your true source of love. When you do reach out to your Twin Flame, you're doing so from a place of peace and wholeness, rather than one of lack or needing something from them. This is when you truly are coming into Union within, because you already know that you're One with the Divine and can give yourself everything you need at any given time. A sense of wholeness is what naturally arises as you begin to genuinely love yourself unconditionally. If you resonate with these three signs, then it's a good sign that you're well on your way towards your Union. Keep going!

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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