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The Twin Flame Journey: 3 Things I Learnt

Everyone who is or has been on the Twin Flame journey for a while knows the amount of work it requires to sustain the level of love that comes with being in your Twin Flame's presence. I have been on this path for almost 5 years now, and every time I think I know everything, God takes me on yet another journey to discovering on a deeper level who I truly am, and what the Twin Flame journey is really about, which is loving yourself, your Twin Flame and others unconditionally. It's a beautiful journey Home to your One True Love, and I wouldn't change a thing about it, even with its challenges.

Today, I'd like to share with you 3 things that I've learnt about the Twin Flame journey since I've embarked on this path, in the hopes that you will feel encouraged and supported to keep moving forward on yours, wherever you find yourself at this time.

1) Your Twin Flame isn't your source of love

One thing you will come to know on the Twin Flame journey is that your Twin Flame isn't your source of, well, anything. This is why when you approach your Twin Flame wanting or needing something from them, whether it be attention, love, support, but haven't given it to yourself first, they will set a boundary with you. This might look like them pushing you away, blocking you, or saying they're not really interested in you. They might even enter an new relationship with someone else! The reason they do this is because they're teaching you to go within and are pointing you towards God. Your Twin Flame's job is not to give you the love you desire, but to always point you in the direction of your true source of love, which is God. They do mirror your relationship with God perfectly, however they can not and will never be God for you. The good news is, when you go within, heal your upsets and give love to yourself, your Twin Flame will naturally become magnetized to you. So next time you feel a pull to look to your Twin Flame for that love; love yourself, and see how effortlessly your Twin Flame will be drawn to you, because they can feel that you're not coming from a place of lack, but of wholeness, wellbeing and peace within. The rule of thumb here is find the love within, cultivate it, and only rely on God to fill you up inside.

2) Don't wait on your Twin Flame to heal or change

If you attempt to wait for your Twin Flame to change, act differently or heal their wounds, they will just mirror to you this waiting energy. No amount of waiting for your Twin Flame to change or heal will make them change. Since they are your Divine Mirror, they will also be waiting for you to change and heal. This is because you share the same consciousness and are always choosing as One. Imagine looking in a mirror. What happens when you stand there and simply look at yourself? You get the same thing mirrored back to you; you standing there looking back at yourself. Now what happens when you move your hands, do a silly face or dance in front of the mirror? The person in the mirror (you) will mirror this back to you! The same thing goes with your Twin Flame Union, it is simply a reflection of what's going on within yourself. If what you see in your Twin Flame or Union isn't what you desire, then you must take responsibility for how you feel and heal it. If you sincerely desire to heal your Union and reunite with your Twin Flame, YOU must do the inner work for yourself. YOU must change. YOU must choose to be your own best friend, partner and lover. When you do this, you are actually healing your entire Union. Your Twin Flame will feel it and be doing their own inner work in their unique way. It happens everytime, when one Twin Flame heals an upset, the relief and peace is felt throughout the entire Union.

So say your Twin Flame is being really annoying and doesn't want to change. No matter what you say or do, they are simply being the most annoying person to you. If you wait for them to change their behavior (this is control), the upset will persist. The proper response is to go within and love yourself where you feel annoyed. Give yourself what you need. Is it love? Respect? Peace? Give all of this to yourself until you no longer feel the annoyance. As a result, your Twin will reflect to you your healing naturally, since you heal together as One.

3) Surrender any control to a particular outcome

This one I can not emphasize enough! It is critical on the Twin Flame journey to surrender your attachments to how things play out between you and your Twin Flame. Holding on to a specific outcome will only ever feel bad, because you aren't allowing the Divine to flow with you and for God to support you. Thing is, God knows exactly what you need in order to have your Union. He knows exactly what type of experiences you need to go through in order for you to receive the healing you need to come into Union with your beloved. So it's always safe and perfectly acceptable to let go of control. You can do this right now. Connect with your heart, and repeat out loud: "I choose to let go of all control over how my Harmonious Twin Flame Union comes together. I am safe in God's love."

Notice how your heart feels after repeating the affirmation above. Control only leads to misery, it doesn't lead you to your Twin Flame. Whereas surrender to Love will bring you all of your desires, including your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The truth is, what God has in store for you is MUCH better than what you could ever plan for yourself. All you need to do is surrender to His way for you.

Roxanne Lemoine

Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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