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A Foundation Built On Love = Manifesting Your HTFU

Building a strong foundation based on Love is essential on the Twin Flame journey, especially if you are desiring to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Without Love as your main ingredient, everything you have built will eventually collapse. The reason for this is because only Love is real, and everything else is illusion. Imagine a beautiful, solid and tall oak tree without deep roots and fertile soil to grow in... eventually, it would simply fall down because it's weight cannot be supported if the roots aren't deep enough and nourished will healthy soil. The same goes for your Union. If your roots aren't deeply planted in fertile soil, eventually your Union will collapse.

This is what I’ve been working through in the last few months. Focusing on my foundation so that it can sustain my Union and Harmonious Union. Everything that wasn’t rooted in love has been leaving my consciousness. What a relief!

Whenever you uproot what isn't love (ego, fear, unloving thoughts, etc), you're making way for move love to enter your life. Giving to yourself and your foundation is giving to your Union. The deeper your roots are grounded in Love, the more your Union can expand & grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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