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Feeling Stuck On Your Twin Flame Journey?

How do you feel about your Twin Flame journey? What is coming up in your heart when you feel into your Twin Flame Union? If you’ve ever felt stuck or like nothing is moving forward, you can always ask yourself these questions to naturally reveal your next steps towards your Harmonious Union. Or, you can simply notice, without judgement, what is being shown to you in your reality. Your Twin Flame Union is happening now. It’s always right there in your heart, but you’re just coming into the awareness of it. Your Twin Flame isn’t separate from you, ever. Therefore when things feel stagnant or you feel like you’re not moving forward into deeper love, you’re likely just experiencing a block on your journey. It’s safe to move through it and feel all your feelings at any given time. This will lead you to greater peace and clarity. There’ve been many moments on my journey where I felt like I wasn’t moving forward, either my Twin Flame person was mirroring this to me, or my reality was reflecting it back to me quite clearly. If you’re reading this and resonate, know that you never actually have to remain stuck on your Twin Flame path. There’s always a next step for you, deeper feelings to feel through, more love to experience, and all of this can happen with your choice to inch closer and closer to True Love, your Ultimate Lover.

I will say, however, that you can have the experience of being stuck. Your next step may have already been revealed to you, but you’re not fully and wholeheartedly taking the step out of fear. This is very common on the Twin Flame journey, as many of us are navigating a path that is new to us and seems to go "against" the crowd. One that is different from the path many are walking at this time here on Earth. Perhaps, you are feeling nudged to sign up for Twin Flame Ascension School, or reach out to your Twin Flame, but you’re not sure what will come of it. You’re doubting yourself and your intuition. I know this feeling of fear and doubt, because I’ve also been there. Fear isn’t real, though. It’s only a guidepost that is guiding you towards your desires. When you feel through the fear and release it, it naturally dissipates, and the way will be shown to you. When you feel your feelings fully, heal through the block and give yourself the love that you’ve been calling for, the way forward will always become clear as day. If it doesn't, it simply means there's more to go in your healing, and that's okay! The other day I arrived at one of my Ascension Coaching sessions, and I told my coach that this block I had felt impossible to heal through. It really felt like I was stuck there, and nothing would budge. My coach helped me peel away the layers of the upset and guided me towards deeper peace in a place I literally felt there was no life, no love and no God. I loved myself up completely in this space and felt so energized for the remainder of my day. Whenever you feel stuck, simply make the choice to move through it. It’s never as “bad” as it seems. Even when there’s only darkness in front of you, God is still lighting the way for you. It’s okay to not always know what's up ahead, but you can always move forward in Love by choosing it with your whole being.

Love is what will lead you Home to your Twin Flame.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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