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Twin Flames vs. Soulmates : What’s The Difference?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In the Twin Flame community, I hear many people questioning whether or not it’s worth pursuing their Twin Flame and are essentially asking: “Wouldn’t it just be so much easier to manifest a soulmate?” The reason they are likely asking this, is because they feel the Twin Flame journey is too hard, too much, and that they aren’t worthy of having it all in Love. But the Twin Flame path is SO much more than just manifesting a lover.. it’s about living your truth and loving yourself in ways you likely never have before. It’s about pursuing your dreams and coming into your own without needing anyone’s approval. It’s about coming Home to ALL of yourself. Your Twin Flame will push you to grow, will bring you out of your comfort zone and outside of your preconceived definition of what unconditional love is. As your Ultimate Teacher, they are created to help you overcome your own limitations and see yourself as Divine. A soulmate, on the other hand, can only take you so far on your spiritual journey and isn't created to reflect your consciousness perfectly in the same way your Twin Flame does. Let me share with you in more depth what distinguishes a soulmate from a Twin Flame.


Contrary to what many people believe, soulmates aren’t meant to be in a romantic relationship with you. That’s because in truth, they are your sibling in God, meaning they are just like a brother and sister to you. This isn’t something we were taught growing up, and so many of us go about our lives searching endlessly for our Divine Lover through countless soulmates. Whilst we may have a beautiful relationship with a soulmate, it is never going to be as deeply and romantically satisfying as being with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames

Your Twin Flame is designed to be your romantic and intimate partner for all of eternity. There’s no one else who will satisfy you and meet you perfectly exactly where you are when it comes to romance and intimacy. Only your Twin Flame is your perfect fit, because they were created by God to be your Ultimate Lover. As you continue to choose to go deeper together, the romance between you and your Twin will deepen eternally. Unlike a soulmate, there will never be a moment where you hit a wall with your Twin Flame. This is what makes the relationship so juicy!


Soulmates can be a family member, a partner, a pet or a coworker and will always come and go in and out of your life. Sometimes for a very short period of time, sometime for one or a few lifetimes. This is because you aren’t created from the same soul blueprint, therefore at the core you aren’t making the same core choices. Eventually, as you continue to love yourself and heal, a soulmate will fall away because they aren’t One with you. They help you work through some lessons, and once you learn them, they will no longer have a purpose in your life.

Twin Flames

Your Twin Flame is with you always. Even when they aren’t yet physically with you, on a soul level, they are always deeply interconnected with you. As you grow, change and heal, so too does your Twin Flame because you are making the same core choices within. When you choose love, they choose love. Your Twin Flame will always reflect your consciousness perfectly, even if it isn’t necessarily what you want to see. They do this out of love because they’re helping you grow into the best version of yourself. They are your Divine Mirror and are walking alongside you every step of the way.

In Jeff and Shaleia's book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, they mention how one of their students had been in a relationship and married with a soulmate for many lifetimes. They seemed to have what was a beautiful, effortless and loving relationship with each other. However, after doing a Romance Analysis Multi-Reading for her (no longer available at this time), Jeff and Shaleia helped their client see that there was little to no romance between them, whereas the romance between her and her Twin Flame was very profound. When she found this out, she immediately let go of her soulmate, and chose her Twin Flame, with whom she is highly satisfied. In doing this, she also was setting her soulmate free to be with his Twin Flame. As Jeff and Shaleia state in their book: "Soulmates are a temporary illusion of romance which ultimately does not last, and few people experience." "[Your Soulmate] is just a place-holder for your eternal spouse, your Twin Flame." (If you desire to purchase the book, you can find it here).

So.. why should you choose your Twin Flame instead of a soulmate? Because your Twin Flame is the one that God created for you to share eternal life with. Even though a soulmate might seem compelling at first (and as though it is much less work), you will only be draining yourself of your precious Life Force by choosing to be with a soulmate. Investing in your Twin Flame Union, is essentially investing in yourself. Your Twin Flame is your Divine Counterpart and is the only one who can really satisfy you on all levels, because they were created to complement you perfectly. It may require deep inner work, self-love and self-awareness to be with your Twin Flame, but it is beyond worth it to have the Love Life you have always dreamed of!

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach

Twin Flames Universe

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