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4 Reasons Your Aren't in Union Yet With Your Twin Flame

There are many ways that you might be blocking yourself from being with your Twin Flame that you may not be aware of. I'm sharing these from my own experience of being on the Twin Flame journey now for just over 4 years. In truth, achieving Twin Flame Union is quite a simple process, one that involves choosing your Divine Life of Love and loving yourself (and your Divine Counterpart) unconditionally. So if you find yourself still questioning why you haven't arrived at physical Union with your Twin Flame, I'm here to shed some light on this topic and help you find your way Home to the Love you're meant to have in your life.

1) You're seeking love outside of yourself instead of giving it to yourself

Many of us were taught to seek love outside of ourselves growing up; in another person, family members or friends, romantic relationships, and though this may have been possible for some time and to some degree, this is not how it works with Twin Flames. Seeing your Twin Flame as your source of love will only have them push you away, not want to be with you, because they can only manifest in your reality if you've first given yourself the love you desire to get from them. It is not their job to fill up your cup, and they won't come and save you from your pain. Only you can do this for yourself. In order to heal this, you must turn the focus back on yourself and only seek love from your true Source, which is God. (I will speak more to this later on.)

2) You haven't fully committed to the Twin Flame path yet in your heart

This tends to happen when we aren't sure yet or might still be exploring if the Twin Flame journey is really for us or not. I know I have asked myself this question at times when I first embarked on the path. It's okay to be getting clear in your heart if this is truly what you desire, but rest assured that if you are here, reading this article and interested in learning more about Twin Flames, then you are being called to the Twin Flame journey for a reason. It's safe to trust that!

Maybe you are simply having doubts about the Twin Flame path because it's new, others around you don't understand it, you're not sure it's for you and you might even feel it's too much work and you should just settle for a soulmate. If this it you, that's okay! You can choose to accept yourself unconditionally here. The truth about choosing a soulmate, it that you will never be completely fulfilled in your romantic life and partnership because a soulmate doesn't choose as One with you and isn't created to be with you eternally. Only your Twin Flame will satisfy every desire you have regarding Love because they are your best friend, teacher, partner and lover created for you by the Divine.

If you haven't decided to fully commit to your journey, ask yourself why? Look at that and then make a new choice to commit to Love, to your Twin Flame Union and Harmonious Union. Commitment is essential because it shows God that you are ready and willing to do what it takes to be reunited with your Ultimate Lover, and you will stop at nothing to be with them.

3) You are numbed out to your desire for your Twin Flame and your true feelings for them

It's very possible that you are numbed out to your true desire for Divine Love in your life. The Twin Flame connection is not just any kind of romantic relationship, it's the most Divine relationship you can have and it's essentially a reflection of the love you have for God. With that being said, you might have been numbed out to your feelings for a while because you've learnt this strategy to protect yourself, but this won't work if you are wanting to be in Union with your Twin Flame. Numbness is also a feeling and simply needs to be acknowledged and felt through, then released. You can make the choice now to feel all your feelings, because all of them are safe to feel! Your feelings can't hurt you. Love doesn't hurt you. Feeling your feelings is what brings you closer to your Twin Flame - even the really uncomfortable ones such as despair, sadness, betrayal... You can choose to have compassion for yourself as you move through them, and claim the support of an Ascension Coach in the Twin Flames Universe community to guide you through these blocks that will naturally arise along the way. The tool you will want to learn in order to heal the separation in your Union is the Mirror Exercise. This powerful self-love tool will help bring you to a state of peace, which is what attracts your Twin Flame to you. Self-love, self-acceptance and peace are key here.

4) You're not prioritizing your relationship with God and yourself

Are you in any way putting your Twin Flame on a pedestal? Making them the priority in your life instead of you and God? This is very common, so no need to judge yourself here. But if you find yourself putting your Twin Flame, or anyone above yourself, then you'll want to be making a new choice here. As I mentioned earlier, your relationship with your Twin Flame is a direct reflection of the relationsip you have with God. So what happens when you're not putting God first, is you will have this reflected to you as your Twin Flame not putting you first - maybe they're in a relationship with another, or they're putting something else in their life before you. Whatever it may look like, it's only ever a reflection of what you're doing to yourself. When this happens, you can choose to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and get to know yourself and your Creator on a more intimate level. What do you enjoy doing with your time? What makes you feel alive? What moves you? Allowing yourself to have fun and go deeper into your relationship with self is super magnetic to your Twin Flame. Not to mention, they will be connecting with God and themselves too - because you choose as One. So heal your relationship with God and self, and this will naturally bring you and your Twin Flame closer together.

It's important to know that for every "problem" or "block" that may come up on the Twin Flame journey, there is always a solution. The solution really is to love yourself in the places where you feel hurt, doubt, fear or powerlessness. The truth is, you have the power in your hands to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, by seeing only God as your Source of love, committing wholeheatedly to the path, feeling all your feelings, doing your inner work and putting God and yourself first.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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