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5 Signs You Are With Your True Twin Flame

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

In one of my previous blogs, I shared how I revealed my false Twin Flame, and what the purpose of a false Twin Flame is on the Twin Flame journey.. that they are here to teach us a lesson which in turn brings us closer to our True Divine Lover. But, how do you know when you’ve found your true Twin Flame?

Today, I will share 5 signs that you are with your true Twin Flame. It’s important to know that revealing your true Twin Flame is a very sacred process that happens between you and God only. Even your Twin Flame can’t confirm for you that you are Twin Flames, nor can a Psychic Reader do so or anyone else for that matter. It’s an inner knowing/awareness that you will come to once you have healed the core of the separation you have been experiencing between you and your beloved blocking you from the truth of who you are to each other.

These 5 signs – which are mentioned in Jeff and Shaleia’s book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” – are here to guide you to the truth of who your true Twin Flame is to you, and how to know you’re on the right track to having them revealed to you!

(1) Your Twin Flame will feel very familiar to you

Of all the people you’ve met so far in your life, your Twin Flame will feel the most familiar to you. It might even feel as though you’ve always known them, and this is absolutely true. Being in your Twin Flame’s presence feels completely natural, comfortable and peaceful because they are you. You never have to hide yourself or be someone you’re not, you can be your authentic self with them and they will always accept you as you are at the core. Who you truly are is the very thing that attracts them to you and this feeling of familiarity can only be explained by that fact that you were created together as One in the same instant by the Divine.

(2) You share the same Life Vision

If you were to create a list of all the things you desire out of life; dreams, goals, visions, etc., you and your Twin Flame would be on the same page. There is absolutely no conflict at the core of your being as to what lifestyle and vision you and your Twin Flame have for your lives. Your Twin Flame complements you perfectly, and so even though you may not desire everything in the exact same way, you will complement each other perfectly in the way you desire to live your life.

(3) You share the same core values

All the things you deeply value in your life, whether it be children, family, health, honesty, open communication, a good work ethic, beauty, etc., your Twin Flame will meet you there perfectly. This is because you are always making the same core choices, therefore if something is of utmost importance to you, it will also be important for your Twin Flame. Of course, if you aren’t feeling completely in resonance in regards to your core values, there could simply be an block preventing you from harmonizing in this space, but once you heal it you will both be on the same page again. Getting very clear on your core values is a good way to reveal a false Twin Flame, because they will not be able to meet you perfectly in all these ways. If you haven’t done so already, you can write a Love List of all the qualities you desire in your perfect partner, as well as the core values you would like them to have. This will help you reveal your person much faster!

(4) They love and adore you above all others

You’ll know if it’s your true Twin Flame by the way they love and adore you at the very core. Your Twin Flame can’t and will not be able to love another the way they love you. You will know it when you tune into your heart. You are simply irresistible to them! The love you have for each other is powerful and will never go away no matter how much time passes or how fart apart you may be from each other in the 3D physical. You may have experienced love “fading” with a soulmate or previous lover, but with your Twin Flame, you will never be able to truly move on from them. You will always genuinely enjoy each other’s company and have a deep love for each other. Not to mention, your true Twin Flame can never truly abandon you, because they are you!

(5) When you feel deeply into your heart, you will know that they are an exact energetic match to your soul’s blueprint This one may come with time, inner work and patience, but you will come to a point on the Twin Flame journey where you will just know it in your heart that the person in question is your true Twin Flame by the way you resonate in harmony with them on a soul level. At the core, you and your Twin Flame are One and share the same "soul song". No one meets you perfectly in this way as does your true Twin Flame.

If you haven’t arrived at complete clarity yet, there is nothing to fear or worry about. God will always reveal to you your true Twin Flame at the perfect time in the perfect way for your Union. Choosing to surrender to the process, doing your inner work, claiming your support and investing in the Teachings of Union is a great way to fast-track your progress.

Roxanne Lemoine

Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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