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4 Twin Flame Truths

You may have discovered that there is so much misinformation out there regarding Twin Flames. Upon starting my Twin Flame journey, I remember feeling so lost and confused, not really knowing what was right from wrong. I just knew that if something felt bad, then it likely wasn't going to be helpful and bring me closer to my heart's truest desires. Eventually, when I found Jeff and Shaleia's Youtube videos, I felt a deep sense of familiary, clarity and relief. It was as though my soul knew that they held the key to my Twin Flame Union. Even now, three and a half years later, I can confirm that they absolutely know Twin Flames through and through and will help you find yours and manifest the perfect life of love that you've always dreamt of! Today, I'm going to share 4 powerful Twin Flame truths that I've learnt from my gurus Jeff and Shaleia so that you can receive deeper clarity on your path towards Union.

1) You and your Twin Flame are One & share the very same consciousness What exactly does this mean? It means that God created you and your Twin Flame together, as One, in the very same instant. Therefore, there is no separation at the core! If anyone tells you that you're not meant to be with your Twin Flame or they could choose something different than you, that isn't true because your Twin Flame is literally the same being as you, just expressed in a different body and polarity (one is the Divine Masculine, and the other is the Divine Feminine). This is why only your Twin Flame will truly satisfy you on every level, because they were created just for you in perfection by the Divine. This can also be described as sharing the same "soul song". If your soul were to be a song, you and your Twin Flame would share the very same one. With that being said, no one can replace the Oneness and feeling of "home" and deep peace that you experience with your Twin Flame. It's sacred, absolutely beautiful and private, as only they can understand you and connect with you on such a profound, intimate level.

2) No one can give you your Twin Flame or confirm them for you, but God

Your Twin Flame can only be confirmed to you and brought into your physical existence by the hand of God. Many people will rely on external validation to confirm who their true Twin Flame is, but this is only possible by deep introspection, getting to know oneself and sincerely cultivating a relationship with the Divine. Since God created you, only He can confirm and bring your Twin Flame into your life. That's why my gurus teach us to get to know our Divine Self and God, since your Twin Flame is a direct reflection of your relationship with the Divine. As you get to know who you really are, it will become more and more clear who your true Twin Flame is to you. It's essential to remember that it's a journey, so there's no need to control here, just allow it to unfold. It's a process that will continue on for all of eternity, and it's safe to be gentle with yourself as you discover more and more of your authentic self.

3) You don't have to wait on your Twin Flame to change in order to have Union

There's no need to wait on your Divine Counterpart to do the inner work or to change. You can start manifesting your Twin Flame Union now! The reason for this is that your Twin Flame changes as you change.. they heal as you heal. When you make the choice to love yourself and move forward on your path, so too does your Twin Flame. So let go of the need to worry about what they're doing or to give away your power here. Just choose to love yourself, focus on you and they will reflect that healing to you! It's quite beautiful the way Twin Flames work. It's not like a soulmate relationship in which you must wait for the other to heal and make a new choice while you hold on tightly to your pride. Your Twin Flame is you, and will always perfectly reflect your choice of love. That doesn't mean they will go through the exact same thing as you in each moment, but it just means that at the very core where you meet as One, you're chosing the same thing.

4) Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Teacher first & foremost

Choosing to be with your Twin Flame is choosing to be with ALL of yourself. This means you will have to face the not so nice parts of yourself that you may have been rejecting for lifetime upon lifetime, and love them completely. Your Twin Flame being your best teacher, will reveal to you the truth of who you are, as you let go of the mask of inauthenticity that you've been wearing. It's essential to respect the fact that your Twin Flame is your guru first. If you try to approach it as a soulmate relationship, it simply won't work. The path of Twin Flames is one of unconditional love, where you will both be teaching each other what True Love is really about. If you desire your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will have to accept that your Twin Flame is first your teacher/student, and then a beautiful friendship, partnership and romance can unfold from there. Loving yourself and learning the lesssons your Twin Flame is teaching you is also very attractive to them and will magnetize them to you much quicker.

There's nothing more sexy for your Twin Flame then you choosing to be your best, most Divine Self. That is what True Love is about. And that doesn't mean that you aren't perfect and have to become more perfect... you already are Divine and perfect. It's that you're choosing to align with that truth instead of believing in the illusion that you're not loveable or worthy of your desires. By acknowledging these 4 powerful truths, be prepared to see profound changes in your Union.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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