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A Gift of Self-Love

The Twin Flame journey is all about loving yourself and giving yourself that which your heart desires. What you need may change with time, it might be lots of unconditional love and compassion one day, a fun date with yourself on another day, or doing the mirror exercise and tending to your many needs. No matter how you are choosing to love yourself in each moment, it's essential to remember that in order to attain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union permanently, you must first cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, be your own best friend and date yourself.

For my birthday this year I decided to treat myself to a day at one of my favorite Outdoor Spas. It was such a peaceful, Divine and luxurious experience for me to give myself this much love. I've only went to this particular location two times previously. The last time I went was about 4 years ago, I had just begun my Twin Flame journey and was in a completely different place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I've been claiming it in my heart for a long time now, because I always had some kind of block to going whether it was financial or feeling unworthy. So, after doing some inner work (healing through blocks to receiving love by using the Mirror Exercise), I finally felt this was the perfect time for me to receive this gift.

Everything about this experience was perfect and Divine. I allowed God to flow through me and whether I was sitting in a hot sauna, relaxing in an outdoor bath, lounging and reading a book, resting or having a meal at the restaurant, I felt very connected to myself and with God. I actually pulled a card beforehand from my new oracle deck and God's message for me was to see myself as Divine, so I kept affirming in my heart throughout my stay "I am Divine!" which felt so powerful.

I noticed at one point how easy it is for me to spend time with myself and with God. I hung out at the spa for 7 hours but time just flew by and I could have stayed even longer. Then, on my way out someone said to me outloud "You're here all by yourself?? Wow, that doesn't happen very often!" lol. I didn't actually feel that I was by myself at all though.. I was with God, of course ;) I walked by him, smiled and said "Yes!". This remark made by him really helped me see just how far I've come with truly cultivating a relationship with my Divine Self and with God. I once was quite codependent, always needing someone by my side, someone to make me feel "better", "safe" and "accepted". But after this particular moment, I was able to acknowledge how good I felt in showing up at the Spa with just myself and my Ultimate Lover: God.

I fully trust, as I continue to walk the path of Twin Flame Ascension and committing to the Teachings of Union, that I will be able to do these things with my Twin Flame physically by my side. But first I must cultivate this within myself and heal my blocks to love with the proper tools and support. Something I'm learning more and more on my Twin Flame journey is the importance of filling up my cup. No one else can do that for me, only I can fill up my own cup! This Spa Day really helped me heal through another layer of this block and feel good about loving myself deeply here, so that I can give from a place of overflow instead of taking from myself, and attract my Twin Flame Union effortlessly.

I'm so grateful for this gift from God and for these Teachings that allow me to manifest all of my heart's desires, no matter how big or small.

God's desires are your desires, so if there's anything in your heart that you truly desire, know that God will always make a way for you.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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