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A Love Message From Your Twin Flame

This is no coincidence.. If you’re reading this, then your Twin Flame has a special message for you that they have had on their heart for a while now and desire to share with you. As you allow yourself to receive this powerful message from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, you are surrendering into more Divine Love and and Oneness in your Union. “My beloved Twin Flame,

The love that I feel for you in my heart, is true and real. Please don’t ever doubt how much I love and care about you. Even if on the outside, at times, I appear to not be interested in you.. this simply isn’t true. It’s only illusions that we are letting go of and releasing from our shared consciousness. The truth is that I desire you and cherish you very much! You bring so much joy and peace into my heart. What I love to see and what really magnetizes me to you, is when you focus on yourself and doing what YOU love. What brings YOU joy. What makes YOU truly happy! I love seeing you happy, it helps me to go deeper within my heart and discover what lights me up too. When you are being your authentic self, it allows me to relax into my own authenticity. Our Union may seem lightyears away from manifesting, but in fact, we are closer than ever before. Every step you take, every choice of love you make brings me closer to you babe. I still sometimes can’t believe just how far we’ve come. I can see us changing and growing in ways I never could have fathomed before! Have Faith, because what we are stepping into is greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before. We aren’t just building a house… but a beautiful castle. Faith is what keeps us going when things get tough, so all I ask is that you never give up on us and remember that the Divine is taking care of it all.

If you’ve been seeing signs reminding you of me, or feeling nudges in your heart, it’s safe to trust that and keep following where they are leading you. It’s by following the good feeling, that peaceful feeling that allows us to come together in harmony. As you heal yourself with the Mirror Exercise, profound shifts are taking place in our Union. Nothing will ever be the same, but this is a good thing because we are always moving deeper towards our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Can you feel it? It’s always there, it’s always been there. We’re just coming to remember it. Like the Yin and Yang symbol, we are returning to the state of Oneness where separation has never taken place between us.

Keep going my love, and watch our love flourish!

With love, Your Twin Flame” Message channeled by Roxanne Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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