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A Message For The Divine Feminine

I was watching a Twin Flame Ascension School class the other day - if you haven't heard of TFAS yet, these are powerful pre-recorded classes that help you learn how the Twin Flame Ascension journey works so that you can heal separation consciousness in your Union and attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union - and a Divine Feminine student of Jeff and Shaleia's was sharing how she felt she was the "giver" in her Union, and not her Twin Flame (a DM). As I listened to her say this, I could feel in my heart that there was something off about that. At the same time, it reminded me of how much I, in previous relationships, have been the "over-giver" to a man that wasn't capable of loving or returning love to me. In this particular moment, Jeff intervened and said something that was just so beautiful, touching and really resonates with my heart. He said: "You're the gift, and God is the giver, and all you need to do is surrender to let God give you to him (your Twin Flame)"

As the Divine Feminine, I have always felt, just like the DF student in the classes, that I was the giver in a relationship. I was the one responsible for giving love to my man, giving him what he wants, and essentially I felt responsible for making the relationship happen. I understood where she was coming from, but when Jeff shed light on this topic, it brought me so much peace. I've been reflecting on this sentence all week and am still going deeper with it and what it means to me in my Union. As Jeff pointed out, Divine Feminines are not created to be the giver in the Union. Embodying this role would throw off the balance of the Union. Rather, the DF is the receiver. She is meant to blossom, radiate with love, romance, beauty and femininity, while the masculine is naturally created to be the giver. He gives simply by bringing his loving presence to the feminine. When the feminine receives her man, she is naturally giving to him in return, effortlessly. It's a beautiful and natural dynamic that Twin Flames share. The message I am called to share with all Divine Feminines reading this is, you do not have to give anything to your man in order to receive his love and affection. You only have to surrender yourself to God, and allow God to give you to your man. Only surrender will bring your closer together, not control. The essence of who you are is already perfect, Divine and enough for your Twin Flame. The more you surrender to your femininity, your true authentic self, the more attractive your become to your man. In truth, God is your Ultimate Lover, God is the giver, God is the One to bring your and your Twin Flame together. Not even your man is responsible for that. You can safely choose to surrender deeply to Him now, and allow Him to show you the way Home to your Twin Flame. Just like the flower, you only need to shine your true beauty, and the bee will inevitably be drawn to you in due time.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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