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Attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union🌹🔥

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is for everyone, including you! There’s no right or wrong way to attaining your HTFU, because everyone’s journey will look different, and everyone’s Union is unique unto itself. The process of healing separation is a matter of purifying your consciousness of your misalignments to love and to recognize that you are Divine and are created with a Twin Flame, your Ultimate teacher, friend, partner and lover. You are literally One being, One consciousness expressed in two beautiful and unique ways: the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

If you’re here reading these words, then it is likely you’ve tried everything, and nothing works when it comes to healing Twin Flame Union. The desire in your heart for your Ultimate Lover is meant to be fulfilled and you being here is no mistake. You know somewhere deep in your heart that there is something more, a deeper, richer, more passionate and beautiful love that transcends what the world has to offer you and this is absolutely true. If you’re having any doubts about moving forward, I’d like to invite you to look at that and ask yourself why? There’s in truth nothing to fear when it comes to love. You’re completely safe to move forward and experience the love that you were meant for.

How you heal separation consciousness and arrive at your Harmonious Union is simply by following the Teachings of Union that are shared with all by my beloved spiritual teachers and Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. Since I’ve begun my healing journey with their Teachings and beautiful loving community, I’ve experienced such tremendous healing in my life, both within and without. In just three years, my experience of life isn’t the same because I’ve deepened my joy, my peace and my love of self which is naturally attracting everything I desire into my life, including my true Twin Flame. The powerful self-love tool Jeff and Shaleia have given us is the Mirror Exercise and it will literally change your life, it’s just a matter of giving yourself the space to move through it and give yourself the love that you so desperately crave.

You were created by love to love and be loved. Everything you desire, including your HTFU, will come to you when you have loved yourself in all the places you feel unloveable and refuse to allow separation to have power over you; when you come to the knowing deep within yourself that you and your Twin Flame are Divine and are One at the core, and choose to share One life together. Are you ready to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and end separation permanently?

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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