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Claiming Your Value on the Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame Love is the Highest Love you can experience with another. There is no one who will meet you and match your energy perfectly in every way as does your Twin. Doing the work of attracting your Twin Flame in your life does require you give yourself a ton of love. Thing is, when you aren’t loving yourself and seeing yourself as valuable, your Twin Flame will reflect this pattern to you by not wanting to be with you, and possibly choosing someone or something else over you in order to help you heal this part of you that feels unworthy of them. This is why it’s so important to choose to value yourself on the Twin Flame journey, because without doing so you will not be able to attain this high level of love permanently in your life. You will be tested at times: Will I choose to value and honor myself, my desires and my needs? Or will I revert to my old ways, my old beliefs of being unlovable and unworthy of what is truly good for me?

This has come up for myself quite a bit in the last couple months. I’ve been invited to make a new choice to value myself, to put myself and my needs first and in many ways my life has been changing accordingly. I am attracting new opportunities such as a new job, expanding in my Life Purpose and working towards increasing my financial wealth this way I can purchase my first home in the next few years which will be very supportive for my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. This can only be done if I continue to make the choice along the way to value myself and to prioritize my relationship with God and myself. In doing so, I am letting God know that I am ready to receive what is in my best interest – support, partnerships, love, abundance, etc. – to bring me closer to my dreams. A perfect example of how God will test you if you will choose to value yourself properly came to me a couple of weeks ago. I was shopping for a new duvet cover for my bed, and initially I was going to settle for one that was a little less expensive but that I didn’t feel completely satisfied with. It wasn’t the colors I desired and the quality of the material wasn’t quite as good as another one I had my eye on. I kept going back and forth, to the more expensive one that satisfied me in every way and was much higher quality, or the one that didn’t quite hit the mark for me. In that very instant I overheard a mother in the store tell her son: “But you don’t just want to settle for the money”. I couldn’t even believe I had just heard these words because they reflected perfectly in that moment what I was struggling with, and gave me a nudge to look deeper the misalignment that was at play here. God was asking me: “Will you choose to value yourself here, or not? Are you going to settle, or honor your heart?” Even though I felt resistant to the idea of investing in myself in this way, I decided to go for the duvet cover that was more expensive, but that was higher quality and which fit exactly what my heart desired. And in doing so, I felt completely satisfied in my purchase and felt alot of joy return to me in honoring myself here.

The same thing goes for your Twin Flame Union and Harmonious Union. You will have many opportunities to choose to value yourself and honor your Divine Self, or choose not to do so. Jeff and Shaleia, my Spiritual Teachers and Gurus teach us that you do not want to be in your Union if you have to give something up or if it meants you have to lower your standards in some way... because yes, even your Twin Flame will push those buttons to see if you’ve truly learnt the lesson of valuing yourself. It is perfectly safe and acceptable to value and honor yourself. You never have to give anything up that is important to you on the Twin Flame journey. When moving in a particular direction doesn’t feel good, then it is likely there is something there to look at. Why are you choosing to settle for something that doesn’t feel exquisite and perfectly aligned with love? You can always do the Mirror Exercise – a powerful healing tool taught by Jeff and Shaleia – to heal the pattern. By loving yourself where you are feeling unworthy of love, you are coming closer to having what it is your heart truly desires. And the truth is, you’re a Divine Child of God totally worthy of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your perfect life of love.

Do you choose to value yourself completely, now and all throughout your Twin Flame journey? Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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