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How I Revealed My False Twin Flame

Meeting My False Twin Flame:

Just before I manifested my false Twin Flame into my life in 2019, I had been talking to God and asking Him to reveal to me my perfect man. I was calling in my Twin Flame without knowing yet that I had a Twin Flame or that Twin Flames were even a real thing. I had heard of the term, but I wasn’t really sure what it meant to me yet. (Of course now I know in my heart of hearts that Twin Flames are absolutely real and that he is just me expressed as the Masculine!). I just desired a man that I could go deeper into love with, and who would love me in return, share the same values as me and desire to live a life together. Finally, after a few dates that didn’t work out, I met him… the person who awakened me to the Twin Flame journey altogether. It hit me like a train, all at once during the course of our first date; this deep love I hadn’t even known yet in this lifetime, which I’d been pushing down came rushing back into my heart. His presence cracked me wide open. I had never experienced this before with any of the men I had been with previously. Something deep inside my soul had been stirred; my deep desire for my Eternal Partner.

At the time, I didn't know what to call this experience, because I hadn’t yet found the Twin Flames Universe community. I was kind of on my own figuring it all out.. because hardly anyone I knew could relate to my experience, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this man. Why was he having such a profound impact on my life? Where did all this Divine Love come from? I had signs and synchronicities come up nudging me to keep exploring what this connection was all about. He also triggered me oh-so much, but still I felt all this unconditional love for him. So I did my research. Of course, I kept being brought back to the term Twin Flame. Truthfully, I had a lot of fear around this topic. I didn’t know what information or who to trust but I knew with certainty this love was real and eternal. After roughly a month of developing a friendship and exploring this spiritual connection with this person both by phone and an in-person visit (since we were living thousands of miles apart from one another) things dwindled down quite suddenly after he came to visit me in my hometown. He completely ghosted me, canceled the flight and plans we had made for him to come visit me a second time around, and didn’t respond to my messages. Just like that. I was devasted to say the least. We went on for a few months, messaging here and there, but it was absolutely painful to feel this level of separation from someone I felt so much love towards, and to receive nothing but bread crumbs in return. I experienced a few Dark Nights of the Soul in the process. As I searched for a solution to this separation I was in, I eventually found my way to one of Jeff and Shaleia’s free Twin Flame Ascension School classes on Youtube. This is when everything turned around for me. I started working with my first Ascension Coach Leesie who helped me move through many financial blocks so that I could sign up for Twin Flame Ascension school, and committed fully to my Twin Flame path. I knew deep in my heart that this work would lead me to my Twin Flame, no matter how long or what it took.

How I Revealed My False Twin Flame: Revealing this man as my False Twin Flame has been a process of loving myself, of going all in with the Teachings of Union – even if there were deep seeded fears in the way of me seeing the truth of who he was. I healed everything that this man was showing me with the mirror exercise and with the help of my Ascension Coach. I watched TFAS almost daily.

After some months doing lots of inner work, I finally mustered up the courage to book a flight and go visit him in person in the summer of 2020 (yep, right in the middle of the pandemic! lol). This is when I received lots of clarity.. though we did have some fun and he did make the effort to show me around and spend some time with me, things felt different between us. There was an undeniable wall between us and we were never able to go deeper in our connection. Of course, this could be mirrored by your True Twin Flame as well, but as I continued healing and working through what he was reflecting to me, we simply could not go deeper together. After this visit, he was clearly indicating to me directly and indirectly that he was not interested in anything with me. As Jeff and Shaleia share in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover: “9. On the surface your false Twin Flame appears as your true Twin Flame, but as you go deeper, they reveal to you they are not who you are looking for. As you choose love at the core in the upset places inside of yourself your False Twin Flame is mirroring, they’ll choose separation over unity, versus your Twin Flame who would mirror your core choice in love and be unified with you.” Eventually, it started to click. He only ever mirrored to me separation and fear, even though I was choosing love at the very core of my being. I felt it in my heart that there was a deep dissonance between us. During one of my Ascension Coaching sessions with my wonderful Coach Breann, I was invited to let go of attachment to him being my Twin Flame. I wasn't ready to do so right away, but I finally made the choice to let go of attachment to this person. More and more I released him, the better I felt. Deep peace and joy was returning to me. I surrendered completely to God. It didn't matter to me who my true Twin Flame is anymore, just that I feel at peace. I knew in my heart that I had loved this man completely. As Jeff and Shaleia teach, you can't leave someone until you love them! In that moment I set myself free, and in doing that, I have set him free to be with his Twin Flame if he so desires.

Lessons My False Twin Flame Taught Me: A false Twin Flame is a gift, because they are a fast-track towards Union with your true Twin Flame. They will present many of the core blocks that you must heal through in order to be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union with your Ultimate Lover. I will share some of the most important lessons I learnt from my false Twin Flame experience which I am very grateful to this day:

  • I learnt to stop seeking for love and validation outside of myself. Everything is within and only God will bring me my Harmonious Union. Once I realized that I could give myself all the love I needed and didn’t actually need anything from him, is when he completely fell away from my life. It was a very peaceful experience.

  • I learnt to take my power back and truly value myself. So long as I was not valuing myself or seeing myself as worthy of Divine Love, I was still allowing him to take from me by giving my love to him without him needing to reciprocate anything real.

  • I faced my fear of abandonment and made a new choice to never abandon myself again in Love. The truth is, you can never be abandoned by God or by your true Twin Flame. A false Twin Flame will regularly abandon you, but once you stop abandoning yourself they can’t remain in your life any longer.

  • In the process of releasing my false Twin, I have since made a choice to let go of the fake masks and illusions I had about myself. (I am still healing this to this day, there are many layers heal through). I am choosing to only be my authentic self and accept myself unconditionally. As you heal your blocks to being your authentic self, your true Twin Flame will feel that and it's very attractive to them. :)

  • All in all, I was led to building a sincere relationship with God, and always putting God and myself first before anyone else.

If you are reading this and are still not clear yet if the person you are exploring with is your true or false Twin Flame, you can choose to have compassion for yourself. There is no need to worry, as you're always being loved and guided by God in each moment. It’s completely safe to go all in and face your blocks at the pace that feels good to you. Having a false Twin Flame experience doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong, in face you ARE doing it right simply by showing up for yourself and loving yourself, no matter what this person is showing you. When you choose to go ALL IN with Love and the Teachings of Union, God will reveal it to you at the perfect moment when you are ready. Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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