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How To Care For Yourself On Your Twin Flame Journey

Self-care has always been a priority for me in my life as it is for many people. During my young adulthood, I came to realize that if I’m not caring for myself properly and nurturing my being spiritually, emotionally and physically, who else will do it for me? Now that I’ve been on the Twin Flame journey for three years and a half, I know that self-care is an absolute must if I desire to thrive and live my perfect Divine Life of Love with my Twin Flame.

In this blog, I will share with you some tips on how to maintain good self-care and wellbeing on your Ascension path. It doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming or something “additional” that you add to your to-do list, and doesn’t necessarily involve bubble baths and chocolate (although it can), it can be fairly simple and integral to your current lifestyle. When you’re actively on the Twin Flame journey and doing lots of deep inner work, it’s crucial to take good care of yourself along the way. Integrating and grounding the healing you’ve been doing is what will allow you to keep moving into deeper levels of love in a way that feels compassionate and loving for you. Because the truth is, you can’t go any deeper in your healing if you haven’t fully processed and integrated all the healing you've done.

Tip no. 1 : Give Yourself Space to Feel Through all Your Feelings

Honoring and feeling your feelings fully is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and is what keeps things flowing. Emotions are energy, and you always want to keep the energy flowing. Even if you’re at work or busy running errands, you can always make the choice to feel your feelings at any given time. Many on the Twin Flame journey continue on with their daily lives and chores as they feel through whatever arises in their experience. You can also give yourself space during the day to be with yourself and to hold space for the part of you having an emotional experience. Whatever feels more comfortable and appropriate for you, but do cultivate this safe space within yourself to feel.

Tip no. 2 : Give Yourself What it is You Need

Let’s admit it, we all have needs! Yours may look different than another person’s needs and that’s completely okay. You’ll want to get in a groove where you are constantly in touch with your innermost self and acknowledging what it is you need. Is it food? A walk at the park? A hug? Downtime? Maybe you just need to lie down for 15 minutes before you continue with your tasks – if you can allow yourself to of course. Being in touch with your Divine Self is important, because the more you do it, it will become natural to you and you’ll consistently be giving yourself what you need. It might even just two minutes of being completely present with your heart. Whatever it may be, choose to honor that!

Tip no. 3: Do the Mirror Exercise Whenever an Upset Arises

The Mirror Exercise is a powerful self-love tool that you can use anytime something in your Union or your day to day life is upsetting you. It's best if you can write the four steps of the Mirror Exercise on paper or in a journal, as this will help keep you grounded. If you haven't yet heard of the Mirror Exercise and would like to learn more, click here to watch a short video that explains how to move through each step. Doing this exercise regularly is a great way to maintain good spiritual hygiene. Essentially, you're healing and removing the blocks in your consciousness that are preventing you from receiving more love, joy and peace in your heart.

Tip no. 4: Take the Time to Integrate Your Healing

Doing deep inner work and healing through core wounds and blocks is no small feat! Upheaval will happen after you’ve healed through a block and loved yourself completely. It’s the process where everything that isn’t in alignment with love leaves your consciousness. It can feel uncomfortable, so you’ll want to create a loving space for yourself to fully integrate the healing you’ve done. On Jeff and Shaleia’s website, there’s an upheaval guide that provides you with many upheaval activities that you can try to help make this process easier. Here are a few examples: - Spending time with your pet - Dancing - Being gentle with yourself - Watching your favorite movies or TV series

- Playing your favorite sport

- Going for a nature walk

As you can see, it can be really simple. Just do what makes you feel good, safe and comfortable and the upheaval will come to pass.

Tip no. 5 : Romance Yourself

Why is romancing yourself so important when it comes to self-care? Because romancing yourself is a deep act of self-love. When you take the time to romance yourself, you are signaling to the Universe that you are worthy of receiving Love/being given to, and the Universe/God will desire to Love you up even more. On top of that, it makes you very attractive to your Twin Flame! ;) How can you romance yourself? Well, the possibilities are truly endless. You can ask yourself how it is you desire to be romanced. Your Divine Self will always give you an answer. It could be buying a new bouquet of flowers, taking yourself out on a date with God, watching the sunset, lighting a candle and reading a book, buying yourself new clothes; whatever it is for you, go do it and give that to yourself.

In Jeff and Shaleia’s powerful Romance Attraction E-Course, they share with us many ways that we can romance ourselves on the Twin Flame journey, including powerful decrees to increase the love in your life. You will want to get accustomed to loving yourself in these ways, because Union and Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame requires a massive amount of love, nurturing and support to maintain.

As you can see, there are so many ways to love and care for yourself on your Ascension journey. We have only touched the surface. You have the power to create a routine that works for you and integrates perfectly with the rest of your life. Choose to follow your heart and God will show you your perfect self-care routine.

God is the love in which I love myself. - Jeff and Shaleia, Romance Attraction E-Course

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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