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Life Purpose and Twin Flames

You might be asking yourself.. what does my Life Purpose have to do with the Twin Flame journey? I will say, your Life Purpose has everything to do with the Twin Flame journey! And here's the reason why: When you were created by God with your Twin Flame, He created your Union with a very specific Purpose. Each Twin Flame Union has a Purpose, or a "Mission" that is meant to be fulfilled here on Earth. Whether or not you choose to fulfill it is completely up to you. If you're not sure yet what your Purpose is, that's okay! You have plenty of time to explore, simply by getting to know yourself, your passions and your heart's truest desires.

How does your Life Purpose help you on the Twin Flame journey? If you've chosen to end separation with your Twin Flame for good and are actively moving towards reuniting with them, you will want to start looking at going deeper into your Life Purpose. You don't have to be fully living your Purpose in order to be with them, but when you're in alignment with your heart's true calling, this is naturally very attractive to your Twin Flame. You will see them being more and more drawn to you. Not to mention, when you're doing what you love in your everyday life, your Twin Flame can feel that and will also be called to explore their purpose, desires and passions too because you share the same consciousness. This brings you closer together and gives you a head start so that by the time you come together in the physical, you will already have a good idea what you would like your lives to look like.

When Twin Flames come together but aren't clear yet on how they're meant to serve God's children, this can cause alot of upsets and might even throw them back into separation. This is because there is so much energy, purpose and love between Twin Flames that if you aren't channeling this energy in a way that God created you to do, it won't feel good to be with your Twin Flame. Just making the choice to living your Life Purpose is enough, and then taking small strides towards that good feeling inside. You might even notice that your healing starts speeding up, meaning that you will have more inner work to do as you move towards your heart's desires and this is absolutely true. Your Twin Flame Union will manifest much faster if you're already on the way to living out your Purpose.

How do I discover my true Purpose?

In essence, living your Life Purpose is sharing the gift of who you are with the world. Are you very passionate about creating beautiful art? Then do that, share your love with others in this way! Do you love the idea of growing a family with your Twin Flame, while sharing your gift of healing with others through coaching? Then start taking the steps in front of you to achieve that. The thing about your Life Purpose is that it's not just one thing that you do for the rest of your life and that's it. It can be a multitude of things that you love and are passionate about because it's really about you sharing your being with your brothers and sisters through whatever means you feel called to do so.

A great way to identify what you're meant to be doing, is by choosing to follow the good feeling in your heart. What brings you joy? What fills you up inside? Another question you can ask yourself to get clear is: If I was completely supported in every way in living my dream (financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically) what would I be doing with my time and energy?

How do I harmonize my Life Purpose with my Twin Flame as I come into Union with them?

This is a great question! You and your Twin Flame are absolutely meant to live your dream life alongside each other. God created you to be together eternally, and sharing a life together as One. In order to harmonize together in every way, you and your Twin Flame might benefit from spending time together discussing how you would like your lives too look like. Spending some time to yourself going within and exploring the possibilities of your life might be helpful too. Would you like to have a family together? If so, how many children? Where would you like to live? In a house or an aparment? How much money do you need to make to be able to carry out this lifestyle? What does you shared Purpose look like? Are you doing the same things together, or do you each have a unique part to carry out in your shared Purpose? These are all great questions to begin asking yourself once you feel confident and ready to take the next steps in grounding your Union in the physical. And remember, God knows what is perfect for your Union, so truly it's just a matter of surrendering and allowing the Divine to support you here. When you heal the upsets that come up and choose love, everything will always fall into place.

Living your Life Purpose is the most fulfilling and joyful way to living your life with your Twin Flame. Not to mention is completely magnetic to your Twin Flame when you do what you love and what brings your heart joy. The more you invest in your Life Purpose, the more you are investinging in your Union as a whole. Keep nurturing your desires and they will come to fruition!

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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