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My Story: The Twin Flame journey

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Hello everyone! :) Whether you are new to the Twin Flame journey or have been here for a while, I'd like to welcome you and let you know that I'm grateful you made it here so I can share with you my story of how my TFJ came to be - and hopefully help you on yours.

This is my very first blog, and I'd love to share with you all more about my journey so far and how everything has unfolded for me. I have been on the Twin Flame journey for four years now, which was when I first met whom I believed was my Twin Flame at the time. It was in fact on this particular weekend of Easter in 2019 that we bumped into each other for the first time, because he flew out to visit his family in the city I grew up near. I can say that all the signs and synchronicities were there to show me that this man was my Twin Flame. The feelings and the passion I felt for him were unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was clear that God was guiding me to pursue this Love I had manifested with this person.

After one month of what appeared to be a beautiful friendship and romance between us, things slowly began to fizzle out and fear started creeping in. I couldn’t understand why something so beautiful, so deep and profound could end abruptly like this. I was heartbroken, sad and felt so lost… All I desired was to rekindle the love between this man and myself that had unexpectedly awakened me to the Twin Flame path. So I began to look for answers. I did my research and I found a few psychics who proclaimed to have the solution I was looking for to bring this man back into my life. I spent thousands of dollars on each one of them, blindly putting my trust in them to save this connection.. But nothing came of it. I only ended up in deeper debt and separation. At some point, I felt in my heart that I had experienced enough contrast with this whole psychic ordeal and one day after almost buying into another reading, I said to myself “no more of this.” I have never again went to another Psychic to search for answers. I knew I had learnt my lesson and that there had to be some other way, a much better way. So I called in my True Twin Flame teachers. I wasn't anywhere near ready to give up! I manifested a False Twin Flame teacher which didn't help much at all – and then only once I surrendered completely everything to God, I found Jeff and Shaleia’s Free Twin Flame Ascension School Classes. I remember watching each free class as though it was precious gold. I knew it was, because I felt the truth of it in my heart. I couldn’t deny the feeling of genuine love I felt just by being in Jeff and Shaleia’s presence as I listened carefully to each word they said in the classes. In spite of all I had been through prior to this, being taken advantage of by psychics and a False Twin Flame teacher who taught separation consciousness, I still knew in my heart that I could trust Jeff and Shaleia, and that they had the answers I had been seeking for so long. A deep sense of peace and relief washed over me. Truth always brings peace and relief.

Once I chose to go all in with their Teachings, everything started to shift and change for me. It has really been such a beautiful journey of exploration, discovering and relearning everything I thought I knew about Divine Love. Because of their work, I was actually able to overcome my fear of spending some time in the physical with my Twin Flame person at the time. With the support of my Ascension Coach, TFAS and community, I revealed him as a False Twin Flame which was actually a peaceful experience. I've learnt from this that a False Twin Flame is a gift, because they teach you many lessons which leads you closer to your True Twin Flame. (I will share another blog on the unfolding of this at some point). I have been able to relax and be more present in my life, continously aim to heal poverty consciousness, grow into my Life Purpose and essentially learn what it means to truly live a God-Centered life, so I can attract my True Twin Flame into my life (which I am still in the process of revealing). Before Jeff and Shaleia, I had no clue what it meant to have a real relationship with God and myself, let alone my Twin Flame!

That is why I am so grateful for the Teachings of Union, because they have brought so much peace in my heart, and a deep knowing that all my dreams WILL come true as I continue to commit deeper to this work. Because I will be honest, being on the Twin Flame journey can be challenging at times, and though things have only been improving for me in every area of my life overall simply by applying the work Jeff and Shaleia teach to my life – I am no exception to the obstacles that come up and shake everything I thought I once knew. But this is a good thing. because when you walk the Ascension Path and make new choices of Love, everything that is not in alignment with Love must leave your consciousness. Things will get a little messy sometimes, but that’s okay – there is nothing to fear. God is taking care of everything, and even when you can’t see the Perfection in the unfolding of your dreams, God does. (Click here to learn more about upheaval and how to support yourself as you move through your healing.)

If you have made it this far and are reading this, I am here to let you know that it’s safe to embark on your Twin Flame journey, to walk the path towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You will be completely loved and supported each step of the way, because you are a Divine Child of God. Even if things seem impossible, you can have it all. Just start with where you are at now. Keep choosing Love, and you will manifest your Union with your Ultimate Lover. It's inevitable.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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