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Self-acceptance and Authenticity on the Twin Flame Journey

Today, I feel guided to share what is going on in my Twin Flame journey and what I’m healing through. I know that my healing can help many others and that’s why I’m sharing with you now. For the last couple month, I’ve been aware of many layers in my consciousness where I was suppressing myself and who I truly am by fear of being judged as unlovable. A big theme for me on my TF journey is healing through inauthenticity. For so many years, I’ve been taught that who I am is the person I was told I am.. I would attach to external things such as being a student.. living in this particular place, having this kind of car, etc. For the most part, I’ve been believing what I am is what others think of me and what ego says about me; powerless, unworthy, unlovable, anything but Divine! but of course this is not God’s ultimate truth for me. I am Divine, loveable and perfect as I am now. But I haven’t always been able to see nor feel the truth of that. This is the lie ego has been wanting me to keep holding onto, however the more I love myself and give to myself what I need there, the less I feel this to be present in my reality. Becoming who you were designed to be by God can feel scary at first. You must walk the path and face everything within you that isn’t divine or in alignment with love. But as you move through it, you will only ever find the Truth.. which is that you’re created as a perfect, innocent, worthy and completely loveable Child of God! This has taken me many years of dedication and commitment to my Ascension Path to only now begin to see the light of this new way of being. As Jeff and Shaleia speak of in their recent Romance in Sedona Workshop: You are Divine! How did I arrive at this point? Self-acceptance and unconditional love. That is the key here. And accepting within me the truth that I am Divine. When you accept yourself unconditionally for who you are.. who you REALLY are on the inside, only then will you truly feel safe enough to shine your light and become your authentic self. I am deeply learning to love and accept myself just the way I am, and this is what is bringing me closer and closer to my Union and Harmonious Union, and this is for you too!

I became clearly aware just a few days ago, how exhausting it is to try to “keep it all together”, to try to look a certain way, and worry about what others think of me. This is another big one I had to surrender. There is nothing more draining and unnecessary than to control yourself and try to be something you’re not. It’s completely safe to let that go! In turn, allowing only love to be at the forefront of your life is what makes you so magnetic to the things you actually desire, such as your Ultimate Lover, your perfect career/Life Purpose, joy, love, the relationships that you’re meant to have in your life and so much more.

You can make a choice in your heart now to only ever be your Divine, authentic self. And of course, it’s okay if you are revealed with deeper layers of fear, unworthiness and inauthentic parts of you. Your Divine Self is ever growing and expansive, so you will never truly arrive at a destination. You're always changing and becoming more of what you are inside. This is the journey of Ascension. As you love yourself with the Mirror Exercise (a tool to heal all blocks causing separation in your Union), you will experience more and more of who you truly are, which is Divine. Your Twin Flame only sees the “Divine” you. So it’s safe to be yourself and drop the weight of ego. There’s nothing to hide, because you are Love incarnate.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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