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The Surprising Truth About Attracting Your Twin Flame Union

I’m currently sitting outside in my backyard, enjoying the warm summer breeze, listening to the birds sing and beautiful butterflies flying amongst me. I am not worrying about how my Twin Flame Union will come to be.. or how things will unfold. I’m simply choosing to be present with myself in this very moment of being surrounded by nature and writing this blog God has called me to write.

The reason I share this, is because in order to attract your Harmonious Twin Flame Union in your life, you don’t need to go out there and “change” things on the outside, or go “get” your Twin Flame. The most loving, powerful thing you can do is to do your inner work and love yourself where God is calling you to do so.

Look at it this way; would you desire to be with your Twin Flame if all they did was concern themselves about you or think about how they can get you to come to them? Would that be attractive to you? Likely not so much! Instead, being in touch with the essence of who you really are, connecting with love, living life in a way that makes you feel good, beautiful, loveable, healthy.. that is how you attract your Twin Flame in your life. You never need to worry about what they’re doing, only that you’re choosing love and choosing to take the next guided step given to you by the Divine to move in the direction of your Harmonious Union. My Gurus Jeff and Shaleia Divine teach us that it’s not really about the destination (though you will absolutely arrive there when you persist with the inner work), it’s about the journey towards your goal. It’s about dancing with God and with life. As I type this, two little white butterflies are playfully flying with each other in a seemingly effortless manner. This is about you allowing yourself to flow with life and with God, romancing yourself and God, and in doing so, you are naturally inviting your Twin Flame to join you in that flow, that beautiful dance of Love. Your Twin Flame, when they see you are genuinely enjoying yourself, taking good care of your wellbeing, loving yourself unconditionally, doing what you love… how can they not be drawn to you? This doesn’t mean you have to have the perfect-looking life on the outside, it just means that you are choosing to move deeper into what brings you joy and choosing to live your life now and not wait on someone else – your Twin Flame – to do that for you or to give you what you desire. You simply give that to yourself in this moment now! Just like nature, your Union is always shifting and growing. Even when you can’t see it, things are moving. As you keep relaxing into the flow of love and letting go of resistance to it, you’ll naturally receive all that you desire.

The card is pulled from the Oracle of the Fairies Deck by Karen Kay

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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