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The Third-Party: Taking Your Power Back

Happy Sunday everyone! Today, I feel guided to speak on the subject of the "third-party" which comes up alot on the Twin Flame journey. Many of you may be going through this experience or have had this happen to you in some way, and I'm here to share that this situation is absolutely not permanent nor is it meant to keep you apart from your beloved. You can heal it fully and have your Twin Flame by your side for eternity. So please, do not despair if this is your current situation. It's not happening to destroy you, but instead to help you grow, love yourself and teach you how to become your own Ultimate Lover.

Why is my Twin Flame not choosing me?

If you find your Twin Flame dating someone else, saying they're not interested in you and want nothing to do with you, this isn't happening for the reason you might think it is. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Teacher first and is always mirroring to you all of the places in your consciousness where you have been rejecting yourself, not choosing yourself, seeking love outside of yourself and putting others - including your TF - first. When you're doing this to yourself, your Twin cannot help but reflect this misaligned choice to you by choosing someone other than you - this is what we call a "hairbrush" or "karmic". This isn't happening because your Twin Flame doesn't love you or want anything to do with you in truth, it's just because you have blocks to love. It's their job to mirror this to you so that you can heal and purify it.

How can I heal this "third-party" energy and manifest my Twin Flame in my life?

This is a great question and there are so many tools offered to us to help us heal this very common block on the Twin Flame journey. First, you will want to learn how to use the mirror exercise. This is a powerful self-healing tool that helps you find all the places in your consciousness where you aren't in alignment with love, and give yourself the love that you need. This might be patterns learnt in your childhood or in previous relationships that are keeping you from seeing yourself as loveable, valuable, Divine and worthy of your desires. The mirror exercise supports you in getting clear on what is upsetting you regarding what your Twin Flame is showing you - in this case not putting you first - so that you can uproot it from your consciousness with unconditional love.

As you continue to bring love to these parts of yourself, you will eventually see the third-party energy having no power over you, because you have taken your power back by choosing to heal it from within. Remember, whatever your Twin Flame is doing out there, is just a reflection of what's happening within you. Choose to feel it, heal it and the heaviness of the situation will naturally lift away. You will also want to learn how to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself. Healing isn't just a one-time thing and it's done. It's a continuous journey of learning and unlearning that requires persistence and commitment. Healing third-party energy from your Union is something that you will have to be persistent with even when it gets frustrating and seems impossible. Nothing, however, is impossible to overcome with God.

Your Twin Flame is dating someone else because on some level, you aren't seeing yourself as "date-able" or "attractive" enough. Therefore, you will have to cultivate that love from within. You can do this by romancing yourself (I highly recommend the Romance Attraction E-Course by Jeff and Shaleia), treating yourself the way you would like your Twin Flame to treat you. Romance is a very magnetic energy. Your Twin Flame can't help but desire to be with you when you've loved yourself up completely and filled up your own cup. It's only ever your job to do this, not your Twin Flame's job! How do you desire to date yourself? What does this look like for you?

As you can see, the third-party is actually a gift to your Union, because it's helping you to claim your good, to claim what is yours. The truth is that your Twin Flame is and has always been yours. There's no other truth here! By healing through the upsets, loving yourself, romancing and dating yourself, you are claiming your power back and essentially claiming what belongs to you. So keep going and never give up because when your persist and commit to this path, you will only ever come into deeper Union with God, yourself and your Twin Flame.. for all of eternity, and nothing can stand in the way of that.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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