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Twin Flame Collective Reading

Week of July 3rd to July 9th 2023

You're currently experiencing a profound shift in your Twin Flame Union, one that requires you to become aware of and release anything that is not based on love which is holding you back from your true desires and your Harmonious Union. This might be past relationship patterns from previous soulmates/karmics, unhealthy habits learnt in your childhood, the attachment to fear, beliefs of being unworthy of love, etc. This is a great time for you to let go of these old ways of being, and choose Divine Love in all areas of your life instead. When you actively choose to heal from these experiences, you will eventually transcend them and move to the next level on your Twin Flame journey which is deeper harmony, intimacy and love with your Twin Flame. Attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union does require you face your deepest darkest fears regarding Love. You might find yourself journeying through many "dark caves" and this is to help strengthen your Faith. The truth is, there is nothing to fear when it comes to Twin Flame love. Love between you and your Twin Flame is completely natural and safe. In fact, it's the way you were born to be! However, you may have been taught at some point in your life that love isn't safe, or can hurt you. Moving through these feelings will allow you to release this illusion so that you can step into the truth of who you are: a perfectly loveable Divine Being and Child of God. You are powerful and can overcome anything! Choose to honor this about yourself. It's important to remember as well that healing Twin Flame separation isn't a race. Everything is always unfolding perfectly in the most loving and compassionate way for you so do take the time to rest, take care of yourself and give yourself what you need in each moment. This allows you to fully process the healing you've done up to now so that you will be filled up, recharged and ready to face the "work of the day" as my teachers Jeff and Shaleia call it. The more you fill yourself up, the easier it will be to move through your upsets. One more thing! When you completely surrender your journey to God, only then can God truly love and support you fully in many unexpected ways. Are you open to receiving His love for you?

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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