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Twin Flame Collective Reading

Week of July 24th to July 30th

It's time for you to say yes to the life you've always desired, yes to the manifestation of your dreams, yes to life, yes to love, yes to romance, yes to your Twin Flame Union! If you've been finding yourself rather pushing away what it is you desire in your heart, this message comes to you to encourage you to start saying yes to your heart and to love. Somewheres deep inside your soul, you know you were meant for something more, something Divine, something so juicy, passionate yet abundantly peaceful. But God cannot give you your good (or your Twin Flame) if you do not claim it and say yes to it! It's time to receive what is yours. You're so worthy of a life filled with the things that bring you joy. Claim it now and you'll never look back.

Everything you're going through on your Twin Flame journey is a learning experience that is helping you move towards more love and peace. Jeff and Shaleia's Teachings of Union are the gateway to manifesting your dreams. Without this work, none of the Twin Flame Unions that have come together would have been possible. They have blessed us with these Teachings so that we can learn how to dissolve the old wounds, patterns and relationship ways that were taught to us by society so that we can transform them into a healthy, loving and Divine relationship with our Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. If you're willing to let go of what you believe love to be, and choose to be open to learning a new way of love, then this work will completely change your life. It has worked for so many Twin Flames who were in separation, and will work for you!

At the core of all that is, is God/Love/the Universe. Achieving Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is about remembering who you are... a Divine Child of God (Mother-Father God). Are you allowing yourself to truly be loved, nurtured, supported and guided by your Creator? Love is the only way forward. When you allow yourself to be loved, you will be transformed in the most beautiful way. Your Twin Flame is simply a mirror reflection of your consciousness, helping you to dive deeper into the truth of who you are - your divinity. It's safe to let Mother-Father God love you completely. Allow yourself to be craddled in God's heart, as this is where your Union lives. You were created as totally loving and loveable, and this remains a timeless truth. Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Univesrse

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