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Twin Flame Message For The Week

It is time for you to trust in yourself, trust in God to lead you perfectly into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and to have Faith that everything is being taken care of even when it doesn't seem promising. These are the times that God will ask you to trust Him even more and to have Faith that He will walk you through the most challenging times. He wouldn't have lead you to it if He didn't believe you could make it through. You are being called to build your trust in your relationship with God, and this in turn will help strengthen your relationship with your Twin Flame. Having a foundation built on trust is important, because it allows your Union to relax and for you and your Twin Flame to be able to feel safe in moving through any obstacles that come your way.

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust love to guide you Home to your beloved Twin Flame? If you believe and have complete Faith in the Divine, it will show you what's on the other side of fear. Surrender completely to love now, and you will know the truth.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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