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Twin Flame Mirroring

Since your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror and Ultimate Teacher/Guru, whenever they are mirroring something to you, it's actually a gift. You will see as you continue to walk the path towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, the upsets that will be mirrored to your consciousness will reveal to you your core blocks to coming together with your beloved. This is a good thing, because the Divine is showing you through your Twin Flame what is needed in order to have your perfect life of love manifested in the physical. The key to healing Twin Flame separation is to use the mirror that your Twin Flame is reflecting to you as an opportunity to heal and to go deeper into love with them. It's important to know that when your Twin Flame is mirroring something to you that you don't like or don't really want to look at, this isn't a reflection of the truth of who you are. In fact, it's not even a reflection of the truth of who your Twin Flame is because the only truth is that you are perfect and Divine. And even though it might be painful what they're showing you or you've seen this upset come up over and over again, it's your Twin Flame's job to mirror these things to you so that you can become aware of where it is you need love. It's truly only by looking at those places within that are being reflected to you, and bringing awareness and unconditional love to these places that are hurting that you can actually heal Twin Flame separation. You can't move forward on your Twin Flame journey and in your Union until you face what is right in front of you. Your next steps are always going to be given to you by your Twin Flame, but also in different ways such as whatever might be arising in your reality. So keep going and never give up on your dream to reunite. The promise of dreams is that they come true! Choose to see Twin Flame mirroring as a wonderful opportunity to give yourself the gift of loving awareness.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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