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Twin Flame Pick-a-card Reading

You can close your eyes and connect with your heart for a moment. Then pick a card that you feel most drawn towards below, and this will be the perfect message for your Twin Flame journey right now.


You are much more powerful than you may know. If you've been feeling powerless in regards to attracting your Twin Flame in your life, know that this isn't the truth of who you are. It's safe for you to step into your full power now and be in the driver's seat of your Twin Flame journey. Waiting on your Twin Flame to "make the move" isn't going to help you at this time. You must take charge and heal what is in front of you, and you can do this by using the tool called the Mirror Exercise. The truth is, you create in your reality by the choices you make. When you choose love at the core, this makes you much more powerful than living from the very limited ego self. Your Twin Flame is magnetized to you when you stand in your power and be your whole Divine Self. Do you claim your power and divinity now?


Movement on your Twin Flame journey may feel slower at this time, as thought things aren't progressing but this isn't true. On the journey, you will experience ebbs and flows, periods of rest and periods of action/ external movement. It's important to know that rest is just as essential and productive as taking action when it comes to healing yourself. Rest allows for you to integrate the work you've done so far so you can take your next action steps feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. What is your inner most self asking for at this time? Is it a nap, a gentle walk, more self-care? Give this part of yourself the replenishment it's calling for. Your futur self will thank you!


Whether you just started walking the Twin Flame path or have been on it for a while, you are awakening to a greater Love in your heart and becoming more aware of the nature of who you really are, which is a spiritual being and Child of God. When you step into deeper love on your Twin Flame journey, you will naturally outgrow what once was, so that what is truly meant for you can make its way to you. If everything feels new and unknown, this is completely okay and part of the process of purifying your consciousness. You are expanding into deeper layers of peace, and this means anything in your consciousness that isn't aligned to love will have to be purified and essentially released. The Twin flame path naturally awakens you to new horizon, and the it can be daunting and unfamiliar at times, this message comes to reassure you that everything is happening in accordance with the Divine plan for you. You're exactly where you're meant to be!

Channeled by Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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