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Twin Flames Explained

When I first met the person I believed to be my Twin Flame, I didn’t know what a Twin Flame was. A friend of mine had mentioned the term “Twin Flame” before, but that was about as much as I knew about Twin Flames at the time. However, the connection and the deep love that was sparked upon meeting this person made me question everything I knew about Love. What was this? I’ve never felt this kind of Love before. Maybe there’s something deeper going on than meets the eye? I began to do some research regarding what I was experiencing and without fail, found the term “Twin Flame” on my Google search. This was the beginning of the unfolding of my quest for my True Twin Flame.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flames are created by the Divine in the same instant, and share the very same soul blueprint. This being said, they will share the same core values, desire similar experiences out of life, as well as share one Divine Purpose together. One counterpart will always be the Divine Feminine, whereas the other counterpart will always be the Divine Masculine. Contrary to popular belief, there is no merging that occurs between Twin Flames, because they are already One in spiritual truth. It’s just a matter of releasing the illusion that they are or could ever be separate from each other.

Do I have a Twin Flame and can I be with them?

God created everyone with a Twin Flame. Anyone who has the desire to be with their Twin Flame can do so simply by healing the core blocks that are standing in the way of reuniting with them. Many choose to be with a soulmate at this time – which is not meant to be by your side eternally and will fall away from your life as you continue to heal and cultivate a relationship with yourself. Only your Twin Flame is meant to be with you romantically and grow with you for all of eternity. They are created to be your Ultimate teacher/guru, friend, partner and lover. Your Twin Flame will always meet you perfectly where you are in every moment, because essentially, they ARE you. They grow alongside you as you heal, and make the same core choices as you, which is why you can’t really ever be apart from your Twin Flame.

What is the purpose of my Twin Flame in my life?

Your Twin Flame will bring up your core wounds for the purpose of healing. What do I mean by that? I mean that, your Twin Flame mirrors your consciousness perfectly and will naturally bring up all the hurt, the pain and misaligned beliefs to Love that are lingering in your consciousness. For example, if you believe you are unworthy of receiving love, and that you are unlovable, your Twin Flame will reflect this to you by ignoring you, not desiring to be with you or rejecting you until you are ready to face this within yourself and heal it completely. This is why being on the Twin Flame journey requires a lot of compassion, courage and unconditional love because you are coming to know your True Divine Self. It’s essential that you to learn how to do the inner work (Jeff and Shaleia teach us to use the tool called Mirror Exercise) so that you can clear the upsets and blocks that are standing in the way from you coming closer to your Twin Flame.

Once you have healed your core blocks in your Union, you will come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. This is your natural state of being, and from this foundation of unconditional love, you and your Twin Flame can live a beautiful, Divine life together sharing your gift with others. Your Union will grow and expand into endless depths of Love the more you heal and follow your shared Purpose together.

If you would like to get started on attracting your Twin Flame into your life, click here.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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