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Why is my Twin Flame not communicating with me?

The truth of Twin Flames is that they are always in communication with each other at the core, because they are created together as One by the Divine. Therefore if you’re finding yourself not being in communication with your Twin Flame in the physical, it’s simply because there is a block to communication within yourself to heal through. Whether you are currently blocked by your Twin Flame, they want nothing to do with you, or they are simply not interested in talking with you, then they are showing you where it is that you are not choosing to be in communication with yourself. As written in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia: Your Twin Flame who won’t talk to you? They are mirroring back to you directly how you are not communicating with an aspect of yourself. You might think to yourself, “What does that mean? How am I not communicating with myself?” Well, perhaps you ignore your needs, you ignore your intuition, you ignore putting up a healthy boundary with yourself and others, you ignore listening to yourself, you ignore your sexuality & sexual needs, your creativity, your spirituality, your divine guidance & signs… you are ignoring being with your Divine Self and cultivating a real loving relationship with yourself.” As you can see, there a so many ways that you may be ignoring yourself which will always be reflected to you by your Twin Flame not wanting to speak with you or blocking you altogether. But remember, in spiritual truth communication with your Twin Flame doesn’t cease just because they aren’t talking with you on the external. They may be communicating with you through feelings, nudges, music, signs and synchronicities and such, so it’s important that you choose to tune in to your heart where you are always in perfect communication with each other.

Of course, it is always recommended you do the Mirror Exercise and heal any upsets arising in regards to communication with your Twin Flame. By healing the block that is within your consciousness, you will begin to experience more and more healthy communication with your Twin Flame. As you continue to clear these blocks within yourself and begin to cultivate healthy and loving communication within yourself, you will see this reflected to you by your Twin Flame because you two are always in harmonious communication and on the same page in Divine Truth.

Roxanne Lemoine Certified Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

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